Demo 2012*

by Gain

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released February 25, 2012

Recorded by Barry on a 4 track @ The Farm

Abraham - Vocals
Barry - Bass
Cameron - Guitar
Chad- Drums



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Gain Humble, Texas

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Track Name: Still Care
Months have passed
You and have changed
But our friendship has stayed the same
One common bond we both share
It's good to know you still care

Familiar places
Unfamiliar faces
only here for the ride
Trying hard to hold on to the past
and keep alive what's been forgotten in so many minds

In it for the longhaul
no chance I'll bail
With you and me there's no chance that this can fail
one common bond we both share
It's good to know that you still care
Track Name: Moving On
You say I'm the source of all your problems
But everytime I try and solve them
Nothing I do is ever enough
You still whine and complain

You keep pushing me away
little by fucking little
one day I'll be gone
and you'll regret it

That's it, I've had enough
of your put downs and ignorant thoughts
try hard to pull me back
but I'm moving on
Track Name: Anxiety
So many friends I could possibly make
instead I'm stuck in this awkward state

Can't get the courage to speak to anyone
I feel like I'm missing out on all the fun

I let the shyness get the best of me
sometimes I wish everyone could see how hard it is to live with this anxiety
I wish I could just be free
Track Name: Slave
Not alive
Just barely living
Encased in four walls with the worst human beings
I'm not your slave
Don't treat me as such
Why do you fuck up everything you touch?

You really infuriate me
Please meet a slow death